Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Afghanistan interior ministry says that during day one of election at least 192 terrorist attacks occurred all around the country. Wais Ahmad Barmak also added: that terrorists were looking to in place 1800 terrorist incidents but Afghanistan security forces were able to defuse 1725 incidents. Mr. Barmak also highlighted that during these terrorist incidents at least 17 citizens have lost their live and 83 other got injured, and most of the casualties belongs to the civilians.

The interior ministry also adds that during these insurgents attacks at least 10 police soldiers lost their lives and two others got injured. These interior ministry officials also added that police was able to provide security in more than 22 thousand voting centers and 1000 centers were closed due to technical problems. Meanwhile Afghan interior ministry has announced that 70 thousand security members are in charge of security for election process.


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