Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

The Ministry of Interior says that clashes between two attackers and police have been ended in PD 18 west of Kabul. “As soon as the attackers started their missile attacks from the Chapgar area of PD 18 in a scattered and blind manner on sixth and thirteenth districts, security forces detected the attack coordinates and blocked the area,” said Nusrat Rahimi, acting head of the interior ministry spokesman’s office. “at the beginning of this incident police arrested the main attacker of the incident, and then surrendered the place where two other terrorists were hiding, and began cleaning operations to eliminate these two insurgents.”

The conflict ended after 7 hours between security forces and terrorists. “As a result of the operation of the Police Special Forces, this two armed opposition were killed, unfortunately during this attack, at least three of our compatriots were killed and 32 others were wounded by the impact of these hawks.” Mr. Rahimi added. Among the wounded, one woman and two children are present.

Today west of Kabul was the witness of several missile strikes. ISIS has been responsible for the attack by publishing a newsletter. Meanwhile, the Afghan government says, special measures are being taken to ensure the lives of Afghan citizens, and the security forces will not hesitate to try to keep people safe.

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