Pasbanan-                     According to UNICEF in first 9 months of 2017 at least 700 children was killed during the violence in Afghanistan which shows 10 percent increase than 2016. Before UNAMA published new report that in first 9 months of 2017 more than 680 children were killed during the violence in Afghanistan and 1790 other were injured.

According to UNAMA report at least 632 children were killed during violence around Afghanistan. The report showed that in 2016 Afghan children were evident of 3512 casualties that 923 were killed and 2589 other were injured. The emergency head of UNICEF has said in a newsletter: Afghan children faces different kind of casualties in home, schools, play grounds and other places and they are evident of brutal violate acts against them.

UNICEF newsletter added: children around globe faces different kind of violence but mostly children in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Niger, sodden, and Myanmar faces most brutal acts such as killing and rape. The newsletter also said mostly extremist groups use the children for their extremist acts.

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