Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

2018, has been the bloodiest time for Afghanistan and its citizens; Taliban launched the most complex attacks in big cities, managed the battlefields and as far as they get supports of important countries such as Russia and Iran. US military air strikes also expanded and national security forces increase their aggressive attacks. Reported says that “in ten months of 2018 years around 5 thousands Talib terrorists killed and wounded, these terrorists were field in the northern provinces of the country.”

209 Shahin Corps said in a newsletter that “during joint operation and cleaning operations of air and ground forces during the ten months of 2018, 2898 terrorists killed and 2144 others were wounded. During these ten months, 127 terrorists were arrested and 171 member of other deferent terror groups surrendered to the national Army.”

Ministry of Interior affairs spokesman said PMG that killing of these fighters are an effective step for security in country. Najib Danish said that: “killing of antigovernment armed fighters who fought against the Afghan security forces and defense would have a positive impact on the security forces. We believe that in 2018 year, despite the fact that the insurgent attacks had been increased, but we were able to prevent the terrorists destroying their activities and according to security program in 2019, there were also measures taken to capture terrorists.”

But military experts believe that battle continuation of this war is not the solution, and the Afghanistan government must be strengthened more than before. Mohammad Radmanish, military analyst said: “while arresting, killing and get enemy out from battle line is the responsibility of security forces, but the continuation of battle is not a logical solution. For supplying security, there must be a powerful government, security forces must be equipped more and more and terrorists must put their weapons in every possible way.”

Meanwhile, Afghanistan government is trying to bring Taliban to a peace talk and this group declare to a permanent ceasefire. While, Taliban still claim that most of Afghanistan geography is under their control.


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