Pasbanan- Kabul:

Army officials in the north and northeast of the country announced that during operation Walid 5 at lease 24 Talib insurgents including 2 high ranking commander of this group were killed in Balkh province. According to the 209th Shaheen Corps, the security and defense forces targeted Taliban’s large-scale gathering in the village of Koshka in the Charbolak district, while they were preparing them self for the fight against these forces.

According to the newsletter, during the joint operation, 24 insurgents were killed by Afghan air strikes and ground forces attacks. Also, it is said that 2 high ranking commanders of Taliban, including Daoud intelligence in charge of Talib fighter in Mazar, and Ahmadi, a deputy of Taliban group in Charbolak was killed. The newsletter also adds that 36 other including Mawlavi Allah Dad, a well know the commander of Taliban got wounded during this operation. The 209th Shaheen Corps also said that during clashes there were no casualties reported from Afghan security forces or civilians side in the ground.

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