Reporter: S. Mojtaba Sadat

Balkh security officials wrote in a newsletter: As a result of the operation of the National Security Forces in the districts of Balkh and Balk of the province, 23 terrorists have been killed. Abdul Razaq Qaderi, the head of the Balkh security group, said: “The operation, which resulted in the deaths of 23 members of the armed opposition group, was launched, with the aim of recapture the stolen tankers from these people,” he said.

Meanwhile, two days ago, afraid of insurgents stole 12 carriages and tanks from the Mazar-e Sharqan highway and moved in the areas of Taneh, Dinar Kheil, Nourabad Miregan Tapeh and Moushkhor districts of the province’s chahar-bulk districts, and continue to The operation has left many weapons and ammunition in the war zone.

And the Mazar-e-Shiberghan highway over the course of several months may have been a heavy clash between security forces and insurgents, and several checkpoint of the security forces have been burned up in this direction.

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