Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mahdi Nayibi

Around 11:30 am a suicide bomber who was walking to Marshal Fahim Military academy blow up himself which caused heavy casualties to military cadets of this academy. According to Firdous Faramarz, Kabul Police Spokesman: “the suicide bomber was walking to the area and he was willing to enter Military academy but our sources identify him before he blows up himself. When police tried to stop him, he blows up his suicide vest in front of the gate, in which our military cadets suffered heavy casualties. According to our statics, unfortunately, we have lost 6 militaries personnel and 16 others were wounded including 4 civilians. The health condition of the wounded has been reported well.”

Meanwhile, local residents were shocked by this bloody attack. Abdullah a resident of Qambar square told Pasbanan: “everyone was shocked by this incident. It was so heavy and all surrounding houses were scared of this incident. This event has targeted our local forces in which we have suffered heavy casualties. We urge the government please leave us, or do something for us and for our security. No one is safe in here every one is targeted by bombs, explosions and we urge the government please help us and secure the lives of our military personnel, who brings hope for us. We also ask the government if you are not capable please resign and let others protect us.”

Up now no one has claimed responsibility of this incident, but Kabul Police Spokesman says according to the documents and evidence possibly Taliban are the main responsible for this attack.

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