Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

Police in Nangarhar province has been able to capture more than 260 liters of alcohol was seized by police in the province, according to a newsletter published by the Police Headquarters of Nangarhar. According to a newsletter, border troops in the port of Torkham have been able to arrest one man in connection with this issue.

Police said in the first operation Torkham border police was able to identify and arrested a smuggler with 196 liters of alcohol. In addition, in the second operation police forces of Nangarhar was able to detect and seize 64 liters of wine in the third PD of Nangarhar City. The newsletter also added: “This amount of alcohol was loaded in a cargo car among vegetables and other first needs so tactically, in a very skilled manner, but the police were able to detect and seized this amount of alcoholic beverage from the criminals.”

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