Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Badghis security officials have announced that during a defensive operation of Afghan security forces in this province Mawlawi Nazir Motmain the commander of Red company and his 11 colleges were killed. Naqibullah Amini spokesman of Baghis police has claimed that these clashes were in place last night while they attacked Haft Shaheed (seven Martyrs) in Aab Kamari district of Badghis. Mr. Amini added that during these clashes at least 28 insurgents got wounded.

Meanwhile, Badghis police commander has emphasized that in last night smashes between them and Taliban several Taliban commanders were killed and injured. He has also added that Taliban insurgents were looking to seize the check post of Haft Shaheed, but they face heavy casualties during this fight. At the same time, it is reported that one policeman was killed and one other got injured in the fight

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