Pasbanan- Kabul:

During a suicide attack in Kabul city, which was carried out by a Prado vehicle full of explosive material, around 9:10 am 3 people were killed and 4 others got injured. Public health ministry has confirmed that they have accepted 3 dead bodies and 4 insureds from incident scene. This attack took place while the terrorist targeted a training camp of foreign troops in PD 9 and exploded his car near to this military camp.

Meanwhile, Najib Danish spokesman of interior ministry has wrote in his Facebook page: “this incident has took place around 9:10 am, while terrorist exploded his car in fifth street of PD 9 and during this incident 2 persons were killed and one other got injured. ”

Taliban has appealed responsibility for this incident and they claimed that in this incident they have killed several foreigners. But afghan interior ministry hasn’t respond to this issue. In past few months Taliban are targeting Afghanistan cities and during these incidents the have caused civilian casualties.


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