Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Afghanistan has been a country full of troubles and insecurity for reporters, and has always been the source of the most journalists, the world of journalists are always full of oppression. They will receive a little wage and they will be able to inform and search for the truth until they go to the bloodiest events and get news from the bad situation.

Today, Tuesday (30 April), a crowd of country reporters in the shahr-e-Naw park came together for the slaughter of their peers, and commemorated the first anniversary of their martyrdom, commemorating the first anniversary of their martyrdom, with the slogan “Shoot to the mouths of that persons said they would not deal with the blood of “. On the day that Afghanistan witnessed the bloodiest event in the country, nine reporters in the suicide attack lost their lives in shash darak of Kabul.

The country’s reporters say that no one can thwart the throat of freedom by threatening and killing them, and the enemy must know that the way of those who are martyred continues, and no one can prevent them from informing them. Ahmed, a reporter for the Pasbanan news Agency, said: “We call on the government to address journalists and pay attention, they must be heard for their cases and, we are always beaten, humiliated, murdered and threatened.”

While around 100 journalists have been killed in Afghanistan since 2001, the statistics are extremely shocking and show that Afghanistan is really a hell of a journalist.

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