Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

by: Masih Nezami

Faryab security officials announce the death and wounding of 31 Talib insurgents overnight. According to the press office of the Faryab Police command, during a joint security and defense operation that accompanied with the popular uprising, which was launched in Chahar Toot area of Pashtun Koot district Taliban have suffered heavy casualties. Over the course of this operation, more than 90% of the aforementioned areas have been cleaned up by the presence of Taliban insurgents and heavy casualties were imposed to the opposition. The newsletter also noted that the 8 Talib fighters including their group leader were killed and three others were wounded in the operation.

According to another newsletter, Seven insurgents were killed and six others were injured in a clash with insurgents in the village of Kohe Sayyad in Shirin Tagab district. Meanwhile, during the transfer of security and defenses forces convoy, in the areas of no one high way, Taliban ambushed Afghan troops in Andkhoi forest area, during this operation 4 Taliban Insurgents were killed and three others got wounded.

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