Pasbanan- Kabul:

National Unity government chief executive participated in graduation ceremony of young officers in Marshal Mohammad Qasim Faim Military academy, he told participants: securement of peace and stability in the country is duty of every Afghan citizen. He also emphasized that the security forces should not have political, ethnic, linguistic or religious prejudice, he added: “It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure peace and stability in the country, and I believe that you will be able to secure peace in the country.”

At this ceremony, Army chief of Staff said: For a year, security forces, in particular National Army, are taking serious measures. Muhammad Sharif Yaftaly added: “For current year, comprehensive security measures have been taken, Along with supporting the country’s peace and security strategy, the program has also been taken to secure the polls center of the parliamentary and provincial council elections, this year capacity of security forces has increased, and young officers can play an effective step in making change.”

Today, 341 officers graduated from Military Academy of Marshal Qasim Faheem these Officers are from 34 provinces of the country, including 38 women officers are also among them.

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