Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

Afghanistan Defense ministry has published a newsletter which has stated, during an air operation in Kunar province at least 43 ISIS militants were killed. The newsletter also highlights that these insurgents were eliminated by the Air force during two separate air operations and these air strikes were launched in Chapadara district of Kunar eastern Afghanistan.

According to MOD newsletter during this air strike an individual named Ismail, who was a citizen of Uzbekistan, and the general in charge Uzbek fighters in Kunar was killed. It is also said that earliest Ismael was a member of al-Qaeda’s terrorist network, but after forming of ISIS in Kunar province he joined the group.

While Kunar Province is considered one of the most insecure provinces in Afghanistan, it is also bordered by the Pakistani state and has become far from the center and has had difficult ways since that this province has been changed to the shelter of domestic and foreign terrorists in eastern Afghanistan.

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