Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

After the victory of Afghan National Cricket Team beating the Pakistani team, a number of Afghan citizens were happy and comes out of their homes with arms to celebrate this victory, this kind of celebration made Kabul residents worry and anxiety. Kabul Police is now talking about arresting of 43 people in connection with Joyful firings of Kabul. “After the victory of the Afghan National Cricket Team against Pakistan, in different parts of Kabul, a number of people used the atmosphere and begun joyful firing, which led to the frightening of Kabul citizens, as well as wounding some others.” Said Kabul police Command Spokesman Firdous Faramarz. After the incident, police took over the capital and arrested 43 people, besides, all the equipment of the detainees was also seized by the police. ”

So far, according to the Interior Ministry, at least some seven people have been injured in last night’s firings, according to the Interior Ministry.

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