Kabul-Afghanistan (P.M.G)

Reporter: Moh. Khalid Noorzad

Sayed Agha Fazil Sancharaki, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, member of the National Agro-Food and Nutrition Committee of the National unity government for Food and Nutrition, expressed concerns about the nutritional status of 44 percent of Afghan citizens, he said that food and nutrition security is a vital and urgent issue.

He emphasized that: According to the survey, fifty-four percent of the population lives below the poverty line, and forty-four percent of the population does not have food security. He added that the food security issue is an important issue for all institutions, departments, the civil society and the media to pay attention on this.

This is while the National Security and Nutrition Initiative was inaugurated by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the chief executive of the national unity government a year ago.

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