Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

Local authorities in Farah report the deaths of 45 civilians as a result of air strikes by foreign troops in the province.

Abdul Ghafoor, district governor of Bakwa, in Farah province, told media that 45 workers of drug production factories have been killed since the bombardment of foreign forces overproduction of drug factories. Mr. Abdul Ghafor added that about ten drug processing factories in these areas were also destroyed by the air bombardment.

A separate newsletter has also been said that 10 separate armies and government armed opposition were killed in a separate attack by government opponents on a national army station in the district of Tudeh and Shot, Farah district. Ajmal Zahid of Golestan district, confirming the news, adds that the security checkpoint was related to the ANA’s battalion, which was responsible for securing the highway of Qara’at-e-Kandahar.

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