Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khurasani

The Ministry of Education has said that at least 51 students were wounded during a terrorist attack on the engineering facilities of the Ministry of National Defense. More than 50 schoolchildren were wounded in Kabul today’s attack as a result of the recent explosion, and the five buildings of public schools near the event site was damaged and somewhat were vulnerable, the Ministry of Education spokeswoman Nooria Nuzhat said. Following the event, which occurred at around nine o ‘clock, 50 students from the private school of “Aziz Number 2″ located in the area of Ghazi Stadium, PD eighth and one school students in the 9th district were wounded, several school buildings were damaged, all school students were transferred to the hospital immediately to the hospitals.”

According to Ms. Nuzhat, the health status of injured students has been reported satisfactorily. “As a result of this event, the glass of the building of the Nazo School, Shahid Lamia in the 16th district, the Setara high school in 16 districts, Rana and the Maqam high schools in the 9th district of Kabul city have damaged as a result of this event,” she said. The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education once again emphasized that all parties involved in the battle should not hurt the students and the education ministry staff. According to the Ministry of Education spokeswoman, the parties involved in the war in the country will consider the safety of students, teachers or education staff and the security of schools and facilities related to this institution must be protected.

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