Reporter: Zahra Sahil

Herat Police announce the discovery and seizure of 570 kilograms of narcotics from Islami Qala district of this province. The smugglers embedded the amount of narcotics into a slaughterhouse, and they wanted to transfer the material to Iran, which was stopped by the police in Herat province, said Abdul Ahad walizadeh, a spokesman for the Herat security guard.

Mr. Wali Zadeh also added: “A large number of our citizens are imprisoned in prisons in Iran for drug trafficking.” Abdul Qadir Full, a political expert in the province, says: Drug trafficking will continue to be exported to foreign countries as long as there is no work to eradicate the cultivation of drugs in Afghanistan. This year, while the Herat Police Foundation detained 415 detainees during the current year in 405 separate operations in Herat city for drug trafficking.

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