Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zabihullah Wafa

At least 6 Taliban militants and 2 soldiers from the popular uprising were killed in Ghour province. Abdul Humid Nateqi, a representative of the Ghour in the Provincial Council, said the Taliban launched an offensive attack on the Gughash Village of Tolak district last night, which was responded by security forces and the attack has retreated. According to Mr. Nateqi, the Taliban also used a Laser weapon in this attack, a weapon of these fighters were seized by security forces.

This member of the Ghour Provincial Council added that the conflict continued until the morning, and the Taliban left the area after the defeat. Meanwhile, Governor Ghour’s spokesman Abdulahi Khatibi confirms the conflict but does not provide details of the casualties. The Tolak district is located in the western province of Ghor, where the Taliban have been so active in some of its areas and are sometimes attacking government forces and popular uprisings.

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