Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammaddin Agharkhil

Officials of the Ministry of Defense reported that 68 terrorists and the Taliban leader were sentenced to (Sancharak) Sar-i-Pul district.

Ministry of Interior has published several newsletters: 40 air strikes were killed and 7 others wounded in the operation in the Uruzgan district of Trinecot district of Uruzgan province. As a result of this operation, a training center with 2 ammunition depots and 3 hiding places, 2 vehicles and the amount of weapons and ammunition is also lost.

In addition, in Qlaizal districts of Kunduz province and Sangkar Sar-e-Pul district, 16 terrorist groups were arrested and six others were wounded in the Taliban district governor’s office in Sancharak district of Sar-i-Pol province and military commander of the group. , The operation also included damage to the group, including a vehicle, a motorcycle, 12 checkpoints, 80 meters of ditch and their 10 artillery shells.

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