Security officials in Zabul province has claimed in a news-letter that seven policemen were killed and two others wounded at a Taliban ambush on police forces along to Kabul-Kandahar high way. Police headquarters of Zabul province has claimed that the incident occurred when the Taliban attacked a base near the city of Qalat, it is remind able that seven Talib fighters were killed and wounded in the ambush.

In the meantime, four Taliban insurgents were killed and eight others got wounded in two separate incidents in Logar province. according to security officials in Logar province, as a result of special forces operations in Khushi district, eight Taliban have been arrested and some of their ammunition and equipment were destroyed by Afghan forces.

At the same time Logar Provincial Media Office has reported that four Taliban people were killed in Kotal-e-Mawlana in the district of Charkh during an air strike targeted Taliban vehicle. but Taliban still haven’t stated on this issue up to now.

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