Pasbanan- Kabul:

Kandahar Police headquarters has announced that in recent clashes between Afghan security forces and Taliban fighter at least 75 insurgents were killed and injured. Kandahar police spokesman has announced: at least 75 terrorists were killed and injured during their attacks on security bases in Ghorak and Ragestan districts. Zia-u-Din Durani has added: “Taliban insurgents target military bases of border forces, in the reaction of Afghan security forces in the area at least 30 Talib fighter was killed and at least 45 other terrorists were injured seriously during clashes between 2 side.”

It is also said that in these clashes at least 5 border soldiers were killed and 7 others got injured. Kandahar Police spokesman has also added that during the fight between 2 sides no civilian casualties was reported. Meanwhile, Taliban hasn’t responded to all claims of Afghan security forces yet.


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