Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ferdows Rasouli

Kabul was shocked again by a terror attack, and the Magnetic mine explosion once again horrified Kabul citizens in the early morning. This time, terrorist attacks against the University of Kabul took place when students gathered to attend the medical and judicial phylum test. The interior ministry said that the incident occurred as a result of a magnetic mine blast in a vehicle of Corolla type. Bahar Mehr, a strategic advisor to the Interior Ministry, said the blast had caused casualties. According to Mr. Mehr: “The explosion of a magnetic mine-trap mounted by unknown individuals in a Corolla type vehicle has led to the loss of 1 traffic policeman and 3 civilians and wounds at least another 4 other civilians, the victims of this incident were taken to the nearest hospitals of the event scene.”

Mr. Mehr says the incident took place at the south gate of the Kabul University in the third district of the city at 7:20 am. “Among the victims of the incident is a lady was also included,” he added. “At the moment, technical teams have been sent to the site and the area is closed to traffic; first, the insurgents wanted to create another disaster in Kabul city, while the technical team was observing the scent on location of the event, they found that the insurgents have placed another explosion materials in the area, after the technical team has been able to dismantle the displaced explosives, the journalists are now in a more distant and secured place to the location of the event.”

The country’s interior ministry also insists that the two Corolla type cars were completely burnt in the event, besides Mr. Mehr, he spoke of the possibility of increasing the casualties, so far no group has been taken responsibility for this attack.

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