Pasbanan- Kabul:

Kabul election commission officials say: in recent 2 days at least 800 nominees were registered by their employees from Parliament and district councils. According to Awalrahman Rodwal Kabul election office head: from yesterday until now they have distributed around 1000 packages and today they have provided 200 packages to 200 nominees. The officials said PMG: we are hopeful that 800 nominees will be registered by us for Parliament and also 3500 more will be nominated for districts councils. Mr. Rodwal also adds: until now 1 million Kabul citizens have registered their self and in upcoming weeks we hope that these numbers will increase to 1.5 million Participants.

In this parliamentary elections, it seems that from all ethnicities their nominees will participate and begun their campaigns for receiving 33 chairs of Kabul Parliament members. Among them, Malik Mohammad Sabery is one of disabled sportsman of the country in swimming. He has nominated himself for parliament, according to Mr. Sabrey, I have nominated myself to be a member of parliament and the reason is that I want to be the voice for all disabled people of Afghanistan in Parliament and currently I feel very proud of myself.

But some other nominees say that participation of people in this process can change the destiny of Afghanistan and all citizens must boost their participation in upcoming elections. Tooryalay Shofayee is also the nominee for parliament he says: for implementing social justice and also defend all rights of the people especially democratic rights, I urge the citizens to come and participate in election process. There presence and solidarity can prevent the elections from fraud and they will provide a huge change in their life.


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