Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The Institute for Social Research and Analysis in Afghanistan, according to a poll, shows that 81.1% of the people interviewed by this institution are interviewing this year’s presidential elections.

Though security threats and inadequate situations in the country lead people to death every day, the institute says a lot of people will attend the election.

Nasim Sadat, chairman of the Institute for Social Research and Analysis said that the poll was attended by all ethnic groups. According to the poll, 38.5% of Tajiks, 36.8% of Pashtuns, 9.4% of Uzbeks, 7.9% of thousands, 2.5% of Turks and 4.8% of other ethnicities were interviewed. The level of participation was 25.2% illiterate, 20% primary, 21.7% schoolgirl, 11.9% university students, 19.4% master and 1.4% doctor.

This is while the Afghan presidential election is scheduled to take place three months later of this year.

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