Pasbanan- Kabul:

Nearly 10 pm last night, at least 300 Taliban Red company fighters attacked the Pashtun Zarghon Districts’ Dasth-e-Naizan local Police check posts and police stations, Assadullah Noorzai, Pashtun district governor of Pashtun Zarghon, said. As a result nine local police members were killed, one was wounded and another was captured by Taliban red company fighters. He added that the Taliban’s red unit is now being moved to neighboring villages in the village of Anbar, and the district building is at their disposal.

However, Herat governor spokesman Jelani Farhad adds that seven soldiers died and two other soldiers disappeared as a result of the attack last night. The governor’s spokesman for Herat adds that investigations have begun to find soldiers and also how this incident took place in Pashtun Zarghon district.


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