Reporter: Zahra Sahil

A 10-year-old girl has been sold by her father in Daikundi province. Zakieh Rezaie, head of women’s affairs in Daikondi province, told the media that the girl had been sold in the (Girowi) district of (Miramor) district of Daikundi province for 240,000 Afghani for forced marriage.

Ms. Raza added: “The father of this addicted girl, this case is under investigation by the judiciary, all the perpetrators of the case involving the father of the girl, the husband, the person who bought him, was arrested with his mistake. Daikundi province officials say that outbreaks of under-age are one of the main problems of women in the province.

According to local authorities in the province, 20 cases of marriages have been officially registered, but the main issue is much higher, the more so these cases are concealed by families and the authorities.

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