Pasbanan- Kabul:

The former head of Pakistan intelligence agency banned from going to foreign countries after his book due to disclosure. Spokesman of Pakistan army accounted that Assad Durrani who served as the head of ISI from 1990 to 1992, was on the list of banned people from leaving the country and should be responsible for everything contained in his book. Mr. Durani last week published his book by the title of “spy history: the intelligence agency of the Indian research and Analysis facility the Pakistani intelligence agency and the conflict of peace” relation to the role of Afghanistan and Kashmir that he banned from his country.

This book is accompanied by ISI, and the writer was the former head of the intelligence and agency unit of the Indian Research and Analysis Unit has been written. Mr. Durani in his book also pointed that Pakistani officials had aware of hidden Osama bin Laden former leader of Al-Qaeda and over the time this information given to the United States which resulted from 2011 and Bin Laden’s death.



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