Reporter: Zahra Sahil

A British girl who joined ISIL four years ago in Syria now says she regrets her actions and wants to return to Britain. The woman, named Shamima Beygum, leaved their home with two other her classmates in 2015, joined the ISIL group in Syria. This woman now claims she is pregnant and wants to return to her country back to Britain.

In an interview with the Times of England, he said that during his stay in Syria, she married with a man from Netherlands who was the member of ISIL, who gave birth to two infants who both died in childhood.

“I’m no longer the same girl as a 15-year-old school-foolish who escaped four years ago from Bathnal Green,” he adds. I’m not regret to come here. I’m afraid that this baby will get sick in this camp and that’s why I want to go to the UK to take care of my baby.

But the British security secretary says: Anyone who travels to ISIL will face criminal investigations after returning.

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