Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the General Directorate for National Security announced the release of a national businessman from the kidnappers in a joint news release. According to the news release of the Directorate General of National Security and the Ministry of Interior: “The Special Forces of the National Directorate of Security in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior’s Anti-Kidnapping Directorate launched a targeted operation in the fourth district of Kabul. After this operation, the released businessman from kidnappers has been surrendered to his family.”

“Haji Nasir Ahmad, head of the wire and cable co-op company, who was kidnapped by a group of kidnappers from the third district in Kabul, demanded 3 million USD in compensation for his release,” the statement also stated. The kidnappers abducted Haji Nasir Ahmed on December 21st at around 12:30 pm, using two vehicles, fortunately abducted businessman was released during a joint operation by the General Directorate National Security Special Forces and the Interior Ministry’s Anti-Kidnapping Department staff. Abandoned and linked to the case, the group’s leader, Mohammad Usman, known as ‘Obaid and Kanishka’, son of Mohammad Zaman, was arrested along with six others.”

The newsletter also said that efforts are under way to identify and arrest the remaining members of the group and that they will share details with the citizens after further development.

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