Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

This cat, called shoppet, had been using her pets for many times in her advertisements, his Frenchman Lagerfeld, the fashion world’s artist, had said in an interview before his death that all this money He kept advertising in his separate account for his cat so that his next owner would have no trouble keeping him.

The owner of this cat who was not married and did not have a child lived in 2011 with her only companion and talk at home.

shoppet lives like a human being, and even has two servants and a personal protector. The cat is eating in a silver dish and listening to Latin American music when eating.

shoppet has a twitter page with 50,000 followers and an Instagram page with 122,000 Followers. she was also the editor-in-chief of a one-day magazine and once also chairman of a collection of carnival accessories and carnivores.

The exact wealth that the cat inherited is unclear, but AFP quotes some sources as saying that the money is worth more than three million euros.

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