Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ahmad Shakib Zahir

According to foreign media reports, a child died in Italy during his circumcision operation, reports quoted by Pasbanan News agency and according to Italian media that have reported the child was seven years old. The reports also indicates: “This child died during the operation of the circumcision and the main factor of his death was that during the operation he faced heart problem, while the child was taken to the nearest hospital at the earliest opportunity by his family, but on his way to the hospital, he lost his life.”

The event is taking place in Italy, that earlier the circumcision of children was known as a lawful act a couple of days ago by the German government, since then, the German government announced that circumcision is a lawful and legal action, and if skilled surgeons are trained in this area, they will have the right to circumcise children.

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