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Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

According to the BBC, a mother in Thailand after the birth of her baby, she is being buried his baby alive for fear of her parents. But moments later, when his mother left the place, then the dog, who lived there, went over the grave of the child and tries to remove the dirt on the child’s head.

Then the ping-pong owner, who was looking for his dog and worried about him, realizes that his dog picks up the soil. Her owner says, “When I saw my dog ​​and I found out that the baby’s foot was pulled out of the ground.

After watching such a situation, the villagers (Ban Nang Kham) drag the baby out of the basement and transfer them to the hospital.

Doctors have said her baby is well-known for her baby’s examination.

The owner of this dog continues to say: “My dog, although paralyzed in an accident on one leg, but I kept it because he was very loyal and very obedient. Always help me on the farm and collect cows. All the villages love him too. The dog is awesome. ”

The police have arrested the mother of the baby, and she has been delivered to her parents by a Bangkok newspaper.

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