Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

A female student at Kabul University was beaten by some male students at Kabul University, and then her cellphone was broken by them. Reportedly, the student was named Basera Akhtar and was beaten by students at the Faculty of Sharia and Law, according to reports this student was willing to attend a cultural festival at the Faculty of Literature in Kabul University.

The witnesses of the event say: “Ms. Basera Akhtar is a student of law faculty and she was beaten up by students at the Sharia Faculty. After the incident, when she went to the directorate of Kabul University for complaints, the university officials also refused to attend this case, and security officials at the University of Kabul did not object to this protests, which is now the scourge of a number of law students Has been sparked.

Meanwhile, one of Basera Akhtar classmates, who did not want to be named, tells the Pasbanan News Agency: “This is an inhuman act where people study for their better future, unfortunately, the situation is so much an irregularity that no girl student dared to Students are not studying at home, university officials have been reluctant to do so, it’s not clear what to do in such a situation.”

Until now, the motive for this event is not clear, with much effort, we could not hold the views of the authorities of Kabul University. However, law students now want the government to address this issue in a serious way so that the atmosphere of the Kabul University can be provided to students of Lady an immaculate classroom.

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