Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Repeating of rape an event that frightens everyone, although group rape in Afghanistan is not unpredictable, in the most recent case, reports show that eight men have raped a midwife in front of the eyes of her husband and family members. This event took place on Thursday night of the past week.

Gulali Noor Safi, director of women’s affairs in Samangan, in an interview with the media, confirmed this event and added: “8 men, on the pretext of having sick, entered the health center in Samangan and then raped the midwife in front of her father’s eyes, Spouse, brother-in-law, and child. These people were equipped with weapons and after the event, they threatened the family of the midwife, if they file any complaint they will also face a similar fate whenever they sued state institutions.

The incident occurred in the Abkhorak area of ​​ Doab district in Samangan province, the rape of women and children in Afghanistan is not impulsive, but the failure to follow such cases is one of the worrying issues that consolidation of the law and Social justice has been questioned in the country.

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