Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zahra Sahel

Iran, which is believed to be the western neighbor and brother of Afghanistan, is trying every possible way to thwart the citizens of this land. According to reports, they have done much more from attempts to support Taliban terrorists and send the citizens of this country to the Syrian war. But in the most recent case, the Iranians are broadcasting a new TV serial features called “prohibited Drama” that portray the life of an Afghan refuge that gives the odor of racism.

In this Drama, the Afghan refugee has played the role of a slave who is working in a rich Iranian family who are doing all the wrongdoing on him. Abdul Rashid Azimi, one of the Afghan film directors, described the drama as insulting to the citizens of Afghanistan, and emphasized: “The release of this TV drama in some way create distances between the peoples countries, as we know in Iran, which has a ministry called the Guidance, does not allow a female character to show her hair and they underscore that scene, I wonder how they will allow insulting Afghans to be featured in the TV Drama.”

“In all manners I can say that the Iranian TV dramas have also shown an ugly face of Afghan citizens when it comes to Afghanistan history and Afghan people, most Iranian directors are trying to insult the citizens of this land and make them appear to people that They are far from civilization and do not have identity.”

Now, the release of this Iranian TV drama has caused a huge demonstration on social networks and has created a new wave of protests and a social campaign entitled “No to human discrimination” this campaign has been launched by Iranian and Afghan citizens on social media and they have urged to ban this TV show as soon as possible. The Afghan citizens say while they want to be Islamic and brotherly neighbor, Iran has always tried to suppress Afghan refugees, in addition to insulting and humiliating Afghan citizens, and even employing them for the war which is worthy for the leadership of Iran and defending their values.

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