Pasbanan- Kabul

Jahangir Anwari

Baz Muhammad Mobarez has claimed a new record that no opponent will be able to resist against him more than 2 rounds at the ring. Afghanistan free fighter athlete Baz Mohammad Mobarez, is now in Quarantine for more than three months in Thailand. His coordinators told media that this phase of Mobarez exercise is for the purpose of preparing himself for upcoming championship.

The free fighter athlete is set to fight on the 23th of February in the biggest freestyle sports organization (ACB) against his Scottish opponent At UAE inside the cage. The Scottish free fighter athlete who is set to fight Muhammad Mobarez from Afghanistan has experienced 8 professional Matches, as well as 7 fights in the nonprofessional struggle of free fight, and he is now world’s Judo champion.

Baz Mohammad Mobarez, who has entered the battle cage 13 times, has only failed in his four matches, while he has recorded 9 times the championship experience in his record. It is worth mentioning that a Russian free-fight athlete has since withdrawn from battle against the Him some times ago.


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