Pasbanan- Kabul:

A few days ago Taliban attacked Tala-Wa-Barfak district of Baghlan, and they were able to capture this district fully. Until now dozens of security force members were killed by the insurgent group. A military member who was speaking on condition of anonymity says to Pasbanan: until now at least 28 members of Civil order forces were killed and currently this unit belongs to the defense ministry.

The military man also adds: Afghan Civil order forces resist against Taliban fighters 14 days in Tala-Wa-Barfak district. While their ammunition was finished Taliban raised their operation on their check posts and after capturing the district all security forces were shot down one by one in the area in which they were appointed. He adds: even dead bodies of some security members were throughout to the river by Taliban insurgents and until now there is no report about their dead bodies.

The most painful part of this narrative is that all security forces who are currently based in this district and most of them surrounded by Taliban don’t have food and water and most of these forces climbed to the mountains to rescue their lives. This military officer also emphasized: until now 10 military members were rescued by Afghan air forces and 6 dead bodies of these forces were carried out by the local people. But still dozens of bodies are in the check posts and even streets and at the same time 27 other security members are disappeared and there is no report about their condition that they are dead or alive.

Meanwhile, Baghlan police spokesman says: recapturing operation of Tala-Wa-Barfak started yesterday but still, Taliban shows resistance against security forces in Tarmosh area and still the war is going on. Zabihullah Shoja spokesman of Baghlan police also adds: There are some reports about raising of security forces casualties in Tala-Wa-Barfak, but we are checking with our intelligence officers to accurate the report about the condition of those forces which are currently based in the district.

At the same time, Mohammad Radmanish deputy spokesman of Defense Ministry says: Afghan security forces have already begun their operation in Tarmosh and north of Tala-Wa-Barfak district from Bamyan province but due to destroying some bridges by insurgents movements of Afghan forces has slow down. I can confirm that until now 10 personal of Civil Order forces got killed during this attack.

Reports from Tala-Wa-Barfak district shows the increase of military casualties in a time that last night Taliban fighters targeted some security check posts in different parts of Farah province and killed 30 military members and injured several others.

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