Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

The fight against terror and the heavy burden of corruption, the worsening scenario on which the soldiers of Afghanistan have been forced to fight in a tough situation. The Security Forces of the country have shrugged their breasts from time to time to fight terrorists, but they are unaware of where their families will go after their deaths. In the most recent case, a video clip has been published of a police soldier who is being starved and crying on occasion of his children hanger. “The soldier, who is affiliated with Kabul’s Fast responded forces, adds:” I have not been paid for two months my salary and there is not a bite of bread in my house. My dad’s feet are flawed, I have no more facilities, I am one and I must support my 10 member family, my children are hungry and no one cries for our scream.”

This quick reaction force soldier has a lot of talk and he is revealing shocking story. He tells of the dangers that during their duty they make their live as a shield to defend the people of their homeland. In the words of the soldier he is telling so much about the uncertainty: “Wherever it is suicide bomber or it is a terrorist attack, we are in the first line of the battle, we do not go home at night and day, and we have only three days of duty. No one is listening to our scream and no one knows about our true live. I have to go from Darulaman to Bagrami district by foot, we cannot say anything to anyone.”

The soldier of the Kabul Police Reaction Force emphasizes that he has no desire for government, he says that while we are applying for any official they tell us that the budget of your salary haven’t come, but for us we are soldiers with a large member family, what should we do with our budget, and it does not mean because we have a family who needs money.  So far, the Ministry of Interior has not voiced its views on this issue yet.

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