Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

Report credit: Euronews Farsi

A French couple who had been rushed from a neighboring roister squeak and complained to the court. The court was charged with charges against this rooster called “Maurice”. On Thursday, 04/July/2019 file a case in the court and the trail process were held in the city of Rossford in West France, and the owner of Maurice was represented on the court for representing this rooster. Plaintiffs who go to the villa in the neighboring village of Ullon Island, and live in a villa only on vacations, told the judge that Maurice wakes up about 6:30 each morning and voiced so loud they said that in daily bases the rooster voice is “too loud” and this noise Wake them up while they are on vacation and they do not want to wake up early in the morning.

Local court investigators have come to the conclusion that Maurice wakes up between 6:00 to 7:00, rather than a long sigh, and Qugqoli Ghukko. Corin Feso, the owner of Maurice, who had been present at the trial without his rooster, but a group of residents of Uloron accused of supporting the rooster, along with their roosters, gathered against the court building. Ms. Fosu told local reporters that she had brought this rooster home in 2015 when it was too small. The woman’s lawyer in defense of her client has said that the lamb of this rooster is on the other side of the courtyard and the plaintiff’s house is behind her client’s house. According to the lawyer, Morris’s voice is less likely to reach this neighbor.

Plaintiff lawyers have said that their clients are “right” to spend their holidays in peace. He says the case lasted long enough for Ms. Fosu to be in a familiar place and united everyone against the plaintiffs. The court’s ruling on Mauritius is scheduled to be announced next September 5, but local residents expect the plaintiffs to reconcile and complacent until then. They say that at the height of the neighbors and as the age of Maurice grows, his voice is no longer extinct.

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