Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Students who walk three kilometers a day to get to school for achieving their education. In one of the distant areas of Dushi district of Baghlan, the students traveled to school after walking about three kilometer running behind several mountains and valleys. The Talkheyan School, which is located in the distant district of Dashi of Baghlan, is home to 127 male students and 94 female students and daily these students walk 3 kilometer a day.

The majority of these students come from far away to a school that has neither the gate nor the gateway. One schoolteacher in a conversation with the constabulary says that sometimes pests and wild animals in the school make the students attend their lessons. According to the teacher, even mountain animals sometimes injured schoolchildren.

The secondary school has twelve teachers and students are studying in the outdoor school. With much effort we could not get the views of the local officials of the Baghlan Education Department in this regard.

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