Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Nabi Karimi

An unnamed source said in an interview with the Pasbanan that the suicide attack yesterday in Quetta, Pakistan, was when senior Taliban leaders were in a military meeting and the attack was carried out by senior Taliban officials. The meeting was attended by hard-hit victims. “At least 30 Taliban fighters were killed and wounded in an attack on a school near a mosque in Quetta, Pakistan,” the source said. Among those killed in the event were Sheikh Abdul Hakim, Taliban judge, Haji Mohammad Halim, brother of Sheikh Abdul Hakim, Molavi Haji Ahmad Khan, Gul Agha Akhund, Molavi Amanullah, who is from the moderate Taliban leadership in the Quetta Council. “Along with these senior Taliban officials in charge of Balochistan police and three ISI communications were killed in the attack.”

“It is alleged that the attack happened not in the mosque but in the school cellar,” the source added. While senior Taliban leaders were attending the meeting, some middle-level Taliban affiliated with the Quetta Council and renowned drug traffickers attended the meeting. The attack reflects the internal divisions of the Taliban, which in addition to its commanders include people like Sheikh Malawi Abdul Latif and Molavi Nazar Mohammed, who also sent aid to the Taliban. Malawi Abdulmanan was also killed in the Taliban in Uruzgan, Ghor and Daikundi provinces, indicating heavy casualties to Taliban fighters. “Pakistani media reported that ISIL claimed responsibility for the raid. It has taken a shower, but the source insists it has carried out the attack despite Taliban ISI claims to retaliate.

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