Pasbanan- Kabul:

ISIS fighters cut off heads of Mulla Borjan, a Taliban key commander and his bodyguard in Darzab district of Jozjan. 209 Shahin corps spokesman announced that these two Talib fighters were beheaded by ISIS while they were captured in face to face war two days ago and finally they were beheaded yesterday. It is also said that in past few days Taliban has lost at least their 70 fighters and 60 others got injured. According to reports these clashes were in placed in Bibi Maryam, Tashjawaz and surrounding areas of Sar Darah villages of Darzab district in Jozjan.

Reza Ghafori spokesman of 209 corps also claimed that during these clashes ISIS fighters have lost at least 52 fighters and 33 others got injured. Mr. Ghafori also added that during these fights the Taliban were able to seize several bases of ISIS in Darzab district and current war between two insurgent groups is going on.


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