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Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

An Emirati woman became aware of coma after 27 years, according to a BBC report. The woman, named Monira Abdullah, went into coma after a serious injury to the brain in a traffic accident.

In 1991, Monira was hit by a large car from the headland in a car accident, she was in an accident with her son and the boy was hugging his year and saved his life so that he would stay alive and healthy. A boy 27 years old waiting to open his mother’s eyes. The son of this woman (Wabir), who was four years old on the day of the incident, has revealed the news in a conversation with the National newspaper, which is published in the UAE.

“I never despaired because I always had something in my mind that he would finally wake up,” Omar Waber said in a conversation with the National newspaper. “The reason that I’ve now made this story public is to tell others never to Do not be disappointed and do not assume those who have been comrades to be dead.

According to the National News Agency, Monira finally moved to the hospital after hours and was transferred from the United Arab Emirates to London in the UK. There, doctors recognized him as a “vegetarian”.

He remained in this situation for several years and was fed through the tube. Then physicians tried to stop their muscle and muscle from being physiotherapy.

Subsequently, Monira was treated with further treatments to regain consciousness and dismember him. The royal government of the UAE in Abu Dhabi donated money to move him to Germany for treatment.

“I was in dispute with doctors over my mother’s room, whose mother was shocked and shaken by this noise,” said Monira’s son, “How do you get to her mother?”

“Three days later, I woke up by hearing my name,” he added. It was my mother who called my name. All these years I was waiting for this moment and I dreamed about it. I was not happy with my skin. He came to the senses and the first thing he spoke was my name. ”

Doctors have said that he will come back to normal again, and Monira, who has now been returned to Abu Dhabi, is busy with physiotherapy to regain control

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