Reporter: M. Agharkhil

Euro news said in a report that the circumcision had occurred in August 2017. This child was at that time three years old. The child has been reported to have been transferred to the hospital after being subjected to circumcision because of severe bleeding, and the case was reported to the police.

The British police, after being informed by the doctors, arrested the parents of the child and eventually released them on bail.

During the investigation of the judiciary, the child’s parents’ home, packs of magic and a small knife were obtained. After completing the investigation, the 43-year-old father was acquitted. Despite the mother’s denial of her daughter’s circumcision, the court has convicted her and sentenced her to 11 years in prison.

About 3 million women and girls worldwide are reported to be at risk of circumcision. This risk is more likely in girls in the 30 African countries and in some Asian countries. In these countries, girls are at risk of circumcision from birth to age 15.

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