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After selection of Abdul Badi Sayad as chairman of Independent Election Commission (IEC), leadership of the organization was present among the media. While this institution every day testifies to the sharp criticism of elections observation institutions, But in the most recent case, the newly appointed IEC chairman pledges to carry out their responsibilities. Mr. Sayad said: “The IEC will reciprocate its responsibilities; the commission is specified according to constitution. We are fully independent in our duties and responsibilities. We won’t give anyone the right to intervene in electoral matters. ”

Recruiting employees by personal manner, bias, weaknesses, and disabilities are among the accusations that electoral observation institutions are always pointing to the Independent Election Commission (IEC). Now the head of Independent Election Commission (IEC) emphasizes that after this all charges will be overcome. Mr. Sayad emphasized: “We will be away from religious, ethnic, linguistic, and political prejudices. We promise that we will protect votes of Afghanistan honorable people. ”

While there is little time to hold parliamentary elections, but fundamental critique of election observation institutions is that until now, the leadership of this institution has failed to carry out fundamental tasks for leading elections. Now the newly appointed head of the Independent Election Commission told media: “The recruitment process in center and provinces of the country has been completed, Finalizing assessment process of the centers would be done after observations of the Electoral Complaints Commission, raising awareness of voter’s identity and voter’s registration process will be the priorities of the Commission. We want from media, civil society and political parties to cooperate with us in informing people to give their votes. ”

Also, the commission’s deputies and commissioners emphasized transparency in electoral process, monitoring process, implementation of punishment principles, Commencement of recruitment work of committees and coordination among members of secretariat leadership in the institution are the points they emphasized. Indeed, IEC leadership believes that distributions of electronic identity cards are crucial to prevent widespread fraud in the leading elections.

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