Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khurasani

According to Interior Ministry, Abdul Hamid Khurasani, a dangerous offender in Kabul, who had been persecuted by the security forces for several months, has now been arrested by these forces. The Ministry of Interior has published a newsletter which states: “Abdul Hamid Khurasani, renowned for Khurasani, was arrested by the 222 unit of Police Special Forces, who was leading one of the criminal gangs in Kabul and was arrested today when he was trying to crack down on violence during a demonstration in Kabul city.

The newsletter adds that this professional offender has been involved in many criminal cases, especially in the form of ransom, kidnapping, robbery, rape, and bullying. According to reports now Abdul Hamid Khurasani’s supporters have gathered around the Ministry of Interior and called for his immediate release.

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