Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

The newly appointed Balkh commander says he has been appointed as new commander of Balkh by the President’s order and nobody can stop him. Abdul Raqib Mobarez says: “I am appointed in this rank according to the decree of a president. Every move of resistance would be suppressed by timely manner, we came for the sake of security and we are moving from the point of view of society, our aim is not terrorizing the people and we are here to provide security and provide services to the citizens of Balkh. The situation is under the control of the commandos and the national security forces, and any reaction would be suppressed in the city.”

Mr. Mobarez continues to say: “A series of mutual understanding was created, and some resistances had come about, but fortunately the Special Forces Police were able to clean up the areas where resistance had taken place, and those arrested We will not allow any individual or group to fight against the police and the central government, we have come here for security and justice, and the pirates have been disarmed.”

Mr. Mobarez was appointed as the new commander of police in the province after 3 hours of the resistance with Atta Mohammad Noor supporters and former Balkh Police Chief followers.

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