Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasooli

The deputy chief of security at the Ministry of the Interior has posted on his twitter that former Balkh commander Abdul Raqib Mobariz was appointed by the Interior Ministry as the new police commander of Nangarhar. Mr Khushal Sadat wrote on his twitter page: “I had a short trip to Nangarhar. I also introduced the new police commander along with having meetings with the local authorities of the province. I am convinced of the strength of Raqib Mobariz that he would be able to suppress the militants and I hope that he will be able to take advantage of clearance of terrorist presence at the earliest opportunity and I believe that he would be able for cleanup of the province and serve the people of this province. ”

Abdul Raqi Mobariz is a young and prominent police commander. He served as commander of Kabul Police Special Forces 222, Police commander of Nimroz and former commander of Balkh. The appointment of Abdul Raqib Mobariz in Balkh caused political and military tensions and the government decided to appoint Ajmal Fayez as the new commander of Balkh instead of Abdul Raqib Mobariz.

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